Peace Art
The base of Takuji Ando s concept of (Peace Art) revolves around using positive energy to allow ourselves to regain empathy for one another, and move humanity towards a greater unity.

One of Takuji s characters , Mea – A – Chan, is a spirit who appears in his paintings playfully smiling, bringing life to whatever it crosses. Mea – A – Chan was born under the healthy sun of Okinawa and grew to his state of happyness and power by emersing himself (or herself) in nature, which allowed him access to the deeper understanding.

The Second World War undeniably left cruel scars all over his home, but now the island has began to listen to itself again, and smile. Mea – A – Chan can at will access the sound of the Sanshin, a traditional Okinawan instrument which sews bliss amongst those lucky enough to get drawn into its natural riffs.

The “Kawaii” (cute) style of Mea – A Chan, is balanced with both more traditional Japanese painting techniques merged with an element of modern western flavour. Thus providing an exhibition which displays the world as is in 2014. Ando’s art shows that as we mix and accept change we learn and grow towards a harmonious unity, as long as we don’t stray too far from what grants us life in the first place.

interpretation by Ibby & Okinyi

Art Exhibition
SOLO Exhibition 

Phase change-2020
Sebaishi, Toyota, Japan

R base cafe, Nagoya, Japan

Peace art in Paris – 2012
Marais Ouest, Paris, France

Peace Art 2011 green jam session – 2011
Wall, Nagoya, Japan

Funkey tonk – 2008
Gallery Intro art, Nagoya, Japan

Teshia, Toyota, Japan

GROUP Exhibition

Genron Group-B
Genron Atelier, Tokyo, Japan

TPAC, Toyota, Japan

Hybrid Bunkasai 2- 2019
Toyota Old East High school, Toyota, Japan

Dai Sokko Ten-2019
Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, Japan

Check in Counter Culture- 2019
TPAC, Toyota, Japan

Hybrid Bunkasai- 2018

Toyota Old East High school, Toyota, Japan

Art levant- 2014
GMAC, Paris, France

Emonogatari – 2012
Médiathèque Léo Ferré, Marcoussis , France

iro iro – 2012
Japan Event, St-Etienne, France

Le soleil se lÉvera – 2012
[Mini-don Grand-don #3] Espace Cinko,Paris, France

tout est l’art tout le monde(Group) – 2009
Gallery Intro art, Nagoya, Japan

Shiro ten(Group) – 2009
Gallery Intro art, Nagoya, Japan

k-ten (group) — 2006, 2007
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan

NOMODOS – 2014,Reims, France